Why does every home need the American Standard Filtered Kitchen Faucet? In addition to lead in drinking water being a serious public health issue and concern for many Canadians, chlorine and small particulates can give tap water an unpleasant taste. With this faucet, you’ll experience superior convenience and healthy, clean water from your kitchen faucet, a countertop-level, easy-access filtration system, which features an activated carbon water filter, a LED filter-life indicator and a limited lifetime warranty. With our Filtered Kitchen Faucet, you can say goodbye to difficult-to-change filter systems and begin experiencing the ultimate water solution, right at your fingertips.


Easily Switch from Tap to Filtered Water

An intuitive push button on the spray head activates cold filtered water, providing easy access to filtered water for drinking, cooking and baking.





Smaller than most, the filter can be installed for easy access above deck at countertop level, or below deck on the inside cabinet wall where its compact size won’t infringe on storage space. 

Both options save homeowners valuable storage space under the sink by providing an ultra-effective filtration system without the added bulk. The easy-to-access activated carbon filter also means that switching out the filter is super simple, no matter which installation option you choose.


Kitchen Faucet Filter Info



An LED indicator alerts you to the remaining life of both the filter and battery. These visual signals reassure you that the filter is delivering clean, safe drinking water. 

Full white LED indicates filter has full life with 300 gallon capacity
Half white LED indicates filter has half life with 150 gallon capacity
Red LED for filter replacement
Yellow LED for battery replacement




What people are saying about Saybrook

 5 Star Review  5 Star Review  5 Star Review

 Finally, Filtered Water For Our Family! 

Right off we noticed how much quality went into this Faucet... We also love having an additional water filtration unit that is incorporated into the Faucet! It was always such a pain having to go to the fridge to get filtered water we needed for Coffee, drinking and cooking... No More! 
We Absolutely Love Everything About This Faucet And You Will Also... 
Thanks American Standard!

- Frank1200


Elegant Design and Impressive Quality 

This Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet is one of the best looking and feeling kitchen faucets I have seen and used. Installation is simple and straight forward, more so than cheaper alternatives. It is very tall to fill up pots and jugs or to reach to clean something, and the action of the pull-down spray handle is very easy and comfortable in the hand.

- OranB


Excellent faucet 

This thing is worth every penny. It's a very well built heavy metal faucet... It has a high gooseneck so it's easy to fit larger pots and pans in the sink. The pull out sprayer has plenty of hose to reach the sink without splashing everywhere. The filtered water feature is great. My city has very good water and with this filter it's just as good as bottled water.

- noname6184





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